My approach

I work in a gentle, nurturing way and specialise in supporting those experiencing stress, fatigue, or living with the impact of trauma. All my work has embodied mindfulness as a foundation and I believe that finding ways to reconnect compassionately with our physical selves can have profound impact on how we feel. Building a greater internal awareness of sensation, emotion and thought can help us recognise and release patterns that are no longer needed. 

My specialist training and continued study in the field of yoga for stress and trauma means that classes and one-to-one sessions might feel a little different to other yoga classes you have tried. The practice is offered as an invitation to explore your own body as it is today. Together we become interested not in what your body can do, but in what it can feel. I am a guide who can walk alongside you on this journey, but you are always in charge and will always be offered choices. Working in this way - softly, exploratively, mindfully - can offer us an experience of profound reconnection with our bodies and our selves.