One-to-One Yoga


Make time for yourself with one-to-one yoga

Working one-to-one allows you to tailor your practice exactly how you most need. Working at your own pace, focussing on your specific needs, and creating a practice that you can feel confident in continuing at home. Working one-to-one is also a great way to begin yoga, if you'd like to build your confidence before joining group classes. We can meet at a time that suits you, and I will provide all the props that we need. 

Private sessions cost £45 or £40/session when you book a block of five sessions. Please contact me for availability. 

Therapeutic one-to-one yoga 

Therapeutic one-to-one yoga offers a safer, nurturing space to explore the situation you are in in an open, non-judgemental way. We can explore your feelings and the way that they might be felt or expressed through your body as well as in thoughts. We can begin to become aware of physical and mental patterns developed in the past, and decide which ones serve us most effectively.

We can explore yoga and meditation practices that will support you through grounding, increasing mindfulness, and offering new possibilities to your body and mind. We can work together on strategies to use outside our sessions to support you in finding your own way towards feeling stronger, calmer, and more able to manage when things get tough.

What can you expect from sessions?

We will draw on a wide range of practices to give you the chance to explore the situation you are in. This could include as much talking as you feel you need; exploring mindfulness of the body through gentle movement and guided meditation; exploring restorative yoga and guided relaxation; using self-massage; or using expressive media such as drawing and journaling.

If required, I will provide recorded practices for you to use at home to consolidate the work done together in weekly sessions.

I recommend an initial session to get to know each other and to give you a sense of how we might work together, followed by 6 weekly sessions with the option of continuing for as long as the work is useful for you. Private sessions cost £45 or £40/session when you book a block of five sessions. Please contact me for availability. 

Private birth preparation for you and your birth partner

A 90-minute session in which to learn and practice postures, movement, breath and meditation to support you through an active labour.  Partners will learn support, massage and breath work that will help you stay grounded and confident during the labour. These 90-minute sessions cost £75 and take place in your home.