Mindfulness Meditation Practice

A 30 minute audio practice, perfect for winding down at the end of the day. Take time to allow some of the day's tensions to unravel so that you are ready for a deep, restorative sleep. 

This is a gentle yoga practice that you can do on your back - on the floor or from your bed. This sequence will help you bring mindful attention to your neck, spine, hips and legs. Take it at your own pace and use it as an invitation to connect to your body as it is today. For more practices specially designed for people with fatigue, sign up to my online course here.

Mindful Yoga For Fatigue

Yoga for Fatigue

Is it difficult to make it out of the house, or to find a local class that's suitable for your needs? Based on my own experiences, several years of working with students with chronic health conditions, and my ME/CFS-specific training, I have designed an online mindful yoga course specifically designed for people living with fatigue. The course allows you to practice gentle movement, guided meditation, simple breath work and restorative yoga at home in manageable amounts. Each practice is 5-20 minutes long, so you can pick and choose what is most appropriate for you day to day. The course includes 20 audio and video practices, and will provide you with a range of practices to suit wherever you are today.